Healthy Sexy Kitchen

Hi. I’m Kiki Simpson and I am an avid health enthusiast with years of experience in multiple capacities in the world of health and wellness. I have a couple of advanced degrees and am a certified Nutritionist through Cornell University’s Nutrition Certificate program.  But mostly, I’m on a passionate mission to help as many people as possible live a full, vibrant life through healthy eating and living.   All it takes is a little knowledge and someone to help show you the way!  Oh, and it has to be delicious!

I have a unique perspective on food where I make learning healthy eating fun, easy, educational and approachable. I love experimenting with cuisine and culture, often teaching classes that combine both, with a hands-on and interactive approach for my students. When not spending time in the kitchen or teaching my amazing clients, I love spending time with friends and family – often on the tennis courts or hiking trails, gardening, cycling, walking, traveling or just sharing love and laughter, food and drink. I am married to my KISA (knight in shining armor), Patrick, and have 2 sons, 2 daughters-in-love, and three little grands! Oh, and a rescue labradoodle named Lucy.

In 2018, I left the corporate wellness world behind and am devoting myself to helping you have a healthy sexy kitchen and a healthy sexy life!  We’ll talk ingredients, recipes, cooking techniques, and eating seasonally and cheaply. We’ll get into simplifying meal planning, shopping, kitchen organizing and meal prepping and even how to feed the kids healthy on a budget. We may even touch on physical activity, meditation and other things that make you feel sexy.

So come on in, have a seat and hang awhile!  I think we are going to be good friends.

woman sitting reading
"I struggled with trying to eat healthy and feed my family healthier. I thought is was too hard!  Kiki showed me one small step at a time how easy it could be. I love knowing that I am not only feeding my children healthy food, but also being a good role model for them!  It really makes you feel good!" 
Jessica T
"Kiki really pulled it all together for me and made me think differently about food. I not only improved my blood pressure and cholesterol, but lost some weight as well. Plus she is fun to work with!"
Carrie G.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to:

  • Stop feeling low-energy and start feeling vibrant and sexy! 
  • Have the latest information on healthy eating
  • Feel more confident in the kitchen and know you can prepare a healthy meal in 30 minutes
  • Start meal planning once and for all and make it fun
  • Know how to stream-line grocery shopping and do it quicker and for less money
  • Understand what healthy food really is and how to navigate the overwhelming world of the food industry
  • Finally get your kitchen organized for ease of use and healthier habits
  • Meal prep just once or twice a week and have healthy food just waiting for you
  • Learn the best tips on how to deal with picky eaters with no crying! Spouses and children alike!

Well, you’ve found the right place, my friend!

I love what I do and I do it with love and compassion.  I truly believe that healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it can be super simple!  And I want YOU to know that, too!  Let’s be real. We all know that anything worthwhile is not easy at first. There will be a learning curve and you have to want it and commit to it.  But I am a true believer that we can and do find time for the things we really want – just think about when you were first dating someone special. Amazing how we found the time to spend with them, isn’t it?

I am a true believer that nourishing our bodies with nutrient-rich foods brings about amazingly sexy changes! We feel lighter and energized. We feel healthier and more vibrant! We feel alive.

Food is about tradition. Food is emotional. Preparing and eating a meal is a reason to get together to laugh, to drink, to share lives and ideas. Dining is what separates us from the animals. We don’t just eat to survive, we eat to thrive and that means it doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated and it doesn’t need a label like “vegan” or “paleo.” It just needs to be real, good food and make people happy and healthy!

This is a shame-free kitchen… a shame-free blog… there is no judgment, no competition.  We own our mistakes and celebrate our triumphs. It’s personal… what feeds and nourishes you may be different than what feeds and nourishes your neighbor.  There is no room for food elitism and food judgment, what matters is how food nourishes a family. 

HSK arms the reader with food truths to simplify the food buying experience, reduce guilt, and restore freedom to enjoy food. Understanding real, science-based truths about food and being able to weed through hyped, half-truth headlines and food myths are important skills for anyone trying to make informed decisions about what to eat every day.

So, come on in. Have a glass of wine (or a cup of tea). Take off your shoes (and anything else you want!).  Curl up on that big chair and eat and laugh with me!

Tangible Acts of Kindness – Giving Back

We here at HSK believe that doing rather than just saying is what matters, so we are committed to giving back. Right now, 10% of all profits is donated to the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. Partnering with the food bank allows us to contribute to their mission (which is aligned with ours) of feeding the hungry today, and building a healthy, hunger-free tomorrow.

We are also planning community events and free healthy cooking classes to young parents in need. Look for them coming soon.

As we grow, we will continue to explore ways to positively impact our neighborhood, our city, our country and our planet. To us, this is the only way to do business. Thank you for being part of it in any way you can.