Have you ever made your own hummus?  If not, I want to encourage you to try this one!  Even without the preserved lemon (you can make your own preserved lemon, too… see my post HERE) it is still a keeper and pretty easy, especially if you use canned chickpeas. 

Hummus Made Simple

Hummus is a pureed Middle Eastern food that is traditionally made with chickpeas (garbanzo beans), tahini (sesame seed paste), garlic, lemon and salt.  It is usually served topped with olive oil and scooped up with either good pita bread (or any flatbread) or raw vegetables. A type of hummus can be made with any kind of bean that you like – or even just pureed vegetables, but this is not traditional.  

Here, I am keeping it somewhat traditional with the ingredients, but keeping it simple and easy to make.  

First, prep your ingredients; cooked chickpeas, tahini, garlic cloves (crushed), lemon juice  (I used chopped preserved lemons as well), salt and a good extra virgin olive oil.

Next, add everything to your food processor and process until it gets nice and creamy.  This can take up to 2 or 3 minutes, so be patient.  Although you can leave it chunkier if you like that effect.  Some people do.  I am one of them!  Point is to process until you like the results. One note here: I usually use chickpeas I have cooked myself and I will use the cooking juice (sometimes referred to as aquafaba) to thin and “cream up” the hummus instead of olive oil.  It works pretty well and that way you use no oil in the processing, and can just drizzle the good stuff on top along with some flaky sea salt! Yumm!  

The only thing left to do is taste to see if it needs more salt or more lemon juice and then serve! It’s that simple.  

Remember, the preserved lemons are totally optional, but I hope you will check out my recipe and make some for yourself.  They are a great addition to so many things; soups, stews, sauteed vegetables, stir-frys, salad dressings, sauces,  stuffed peppers, frittatas,  roasted vegetables, cooked grains, pasta, and cold grain or pasta salads. That’s just off the top of my head.  The more you use them, the more things you’ll use them for!  Let me know what you think of my hummus… and post your pics with #healthysexykitchen so I can see your work! 

Hummus with Preserved Lemon

A quick and easy hummus recipe with the secret ingredient of preserved lemon peel. You can have homemade hummus in 10 minutes or less!
Prep Time6 mins
Processing time3 mins
Total Time9 mins
Course: Appetizer, lunch, Snack
Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Keyword: hummus, preserved lemon, snack
Servings: 12 servings
Author: Kiki Simpson, Healthy Sexy Kitchen


  • 3 cups garbanzo beans cooked - if canned, drain and rinse
  • ¼ cup tahini
  • 2 cloves garlic, crushed may add more if you love garlic
  • ½ teaspoon salt or more, to taste
  • 3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons preserved lemon peel chopped, OPTIONAL
  • 2-3 tablespoons olive oil extra virgin, OPTIONAL
  • 2-3 tablespoons aquafaba or water This is the liquid from cooked chickpeas - only if you cooked your own chickpeas. Use instead of olive oil if you like. You can just add plain water if using canned beans.


  • Put all ingredients except for olive oil and aquafaba/water into a large food processor. Process for at least one minute.
  • Add olive oil, aquafaba or water until you get a creamy consistency and process another minute or two.
  • Taste for salt and acidity. Add more salt or lemon juice depending on taste.
  • Serve drizzled with olive oil, and optional whole cooked chickpeas, sumac, pine nuts, or even cilantro.


You may need more salt if you are not using preserved lemons.
You can halve the recipe if you only want a small amount or have a small food processor.

2 thoughts on “Creamy Hummus with Preserved Lemon”

  1. I love homemade hummus! I have preserved lemons and didn’t know how to use them, other than the usual pairings. This is the perfect creative way to use them! I never tried hummus with preserved lemon but I bet it’s delicious and I can almost taste it already! Thanks for this great recipe idea!

    • Thanks, Jess, for stopping by! Yes, once I made those preserved lemons I found all kinds of ways to use them. I put them in guacamole! I put them in stews and soups, In salad and grain bowl dressings, salsas, dips, and even in a nice simple pasta dish with EVOO, garlic and red pepper flakes!


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