Group Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

Group cooking classes are currently closed until further notice due to COVID-19.  We are happy to do private classes for you and a small group of quarantine partners (or virtually with friends or family) via Zoom.  I’d LOVE to help you make quarantine cooking healthy and nutritious! Contact me for more information.

 We use only  freshest, healthiest ingredients – local and organic whenever possible. Check out our calendar for exact dates and times. All classes are limited to 10 people (usually less) and end with the group celebrating our accomplishments by feasting on our bounty and enjoying a glass of wine or sparkling water with our new partners in crime!  Recipe booklets, aprons and music are always included.

Some Upcoming Temptations!

Come hang out in my kitchen and learn to elevate the simple salad to a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds. We will also be preparing 3 different homemade salad dressings that are a cinch to make and will keep you from ever buying salad dressing again!  These are salads anyone will enjoy, even salad-haters!  

In this creative 3-hour class, we will not only explore different flavor combinations, but also juice up the process with amazing tips and tricks and maybe even present awards for the most creative and tasty results!  After the learning, we will sit down together and enjoy our feast with an adult beverage!  Learn More

Picnic Day Date – Not Just for Couples!

Spring and Fall are the best times in Tucson to pack the ultimate picnic and head outdoors with someone you love!  Not just for couples, it works for family outings, hiking or cycling excursions or even just a fun afternoon out in the backyard! In this class, we will be making the perfect portable healthy meal with seasonal salads, wraps, and even my Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies as well as a fun, spiced up beverage to take along!  We will also be learning tips and tricks for prepping, packing and eating without disposables and plastic!  Then, we will head out to the backyard and lay out in the grass and day dream while filling our bellies with fun picnic fare and contemplating our big dreams! Maybe even learn a bit about Bocce ball!  What a fun day date!  You’ll have all the recipes and ideas for bringing this delicious food to your outdoor patio, on a hike or a picnic in the park—or, pack in a cooler for a long drive!  Join us!   Learn More


Healthy Cooking Made Easy!

Are you ready to up your game with healthy cooking at home?  Let’s make this simple!  I’d love for you to come experience healthy food that enriches your body and soul!  In this class you will learn how to simplify healthy eating while we make a delectable 3-course meal with all fresh, mostly local, healthful ingredients.  We’ll chop, stir, dance and laugh together all while discussing healthy tips and tricks including meal prep ideas and shopping savvy.  All this to help you feel good inside and be more confident, vibrant and energetic in your kitchen!  After class,  we will all sit down together and share the food we have created with a glass of wine or a soft drink with our new friends.  As always, all recipes included.  Come hang out with us!  Learn More

Soup is the ultimate fool-proof meal for the healthy cook. It is the most forgiving of all meals and can be modified endlessly for personal tastes. It is communal food at its best!  But it’s also healthy sexy!  Hot soup goes through your body and generates heat!  Cold healthy soup instantly cools you down but makes you vibrate with energy and motivation!  

In this fun, exploratory 3-hour class, we will play with our ingredients and create amazing, healthy, tasty meals for all of us to enjoy at the end. Each team creates their own version and you vote for your favorite!  Come hungry! All recipes, included. Class is limited to 8 people so that there is fun for everyone! Learn more

Are you ready for a date that’s out of the ordinary?  Nothing is sexier than creating together in the kitchen: tasting, feeding each other and then devouring the 4 -course menu we create. Our menu is filled with aphrodisiac foods that will relax you, increase blood flow, change your brain chemistry and amp up the excitement!

In this 3.5-hour hands-on class, couples get down and dirty together as we prepare an amazing, healthy, tasty dinner that will blow your socks off!  The menu is filled with aphrodisiacs and energizing food that will make you feel like playing  – if you know what I mean!  You won’t be bogged down by heavy foods or foods that may lower your libido! We will plan and prepare the food while listening to stimulating music and then sit down to a tasting of all we made – by candlelight!  You never know what will happen in Kiki’s Kitchen!  But, hey… what happens at Kiki’s, stays at Kiki’s!  I won’t tell if you don’t!!   Learn more

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