Slovakian Nut Rolls (Kolachy)

It’s Christmas time!  And what that means for our family is nut rolls!  Kolacky as they are called in my family’s Slovak dialect.  A nut roll is a yummy pastry consisting of a sweet yeast dough that is rolled out thin, spread with a paste made from sweetened ground nuts, poppy seeds, fruit, or even

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Healthy Lifestyle

Simple Green Beans Almondine

Need a green vegetable to serve and don’t have a lot of time?  This quick and easy version of green beans almondine is the answer to your prayers.  Classically, this dish requires blanching the green beans and toasting the almonds separately. Then combining it all together in a lemon butter sauce.  Well, I have skipped

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Creamy Brussels Sprouts and Potatoes (Vegan)

Do you have a thing about Brussels Sprouts?  It seems to be a love-hate relationship that most people have. Either they love them or hate them.  I can go either way.  It all depends on how they are cooked, am I right?  But the thing is, they are just adorable (looking like little baby cabbages)

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Poultry Seasoning

You may be asking what exactly IS poultry seasoning?  Poultry Seasoning is a blend of autumn herbal fragrances and spices that is often used in turkey, chicken and stuffing recipes. But it is so much more useful than just that.  Sensations of rosemary, sage and marjoram touched by hints of pepper and nutmeg all add

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Pumpkin and Chocolate Chip Bars (Healthy, gluten-free and vegan)

It’s that time of year when everything is coming up pumpkin!  I couldn’t resist trying out this recipe from Jamie Vespa over at Dishing Out Health.  I only slightly modified it by adding some millet flour to give it more substance and also a little more leavening.  I had an overflow of winter squash and

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Black and White Chicken Chili – The Perfect Halloween Stew

Halloween is going to be tricky this year, no pun intended! If you’re handing out candy, taking little ones trick or treating, or just keeping the lights off and pretending to not be home, you’ll need something warming, simple and healthy-ish that can be kept on the stove top and ready for no matter what

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Spicy King Crab Tacos with Green Grape Salsa

The end of summer…  It used to be such a bittersweet time for me before I moved to the desert. Now, it is invigorating!  While it is still hitting (or getting very close to) 100°F here in Tucson, the mornings and evenings are cooling and outdoor weather is on the horizon!  While many people in

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Homemade Vegetable Bouillon Paste

Ummmm…. look at that jar of gold!  Flavor gold, that is!  It’s a jar of concentrated vegetal flavor that is easy to make, very healthy and full of amazingness!  It will take you no more than 30 minutes, I promise (unless you are easily distracted, like me!), and will serve you well in the future

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Cooking Advice

Flash-cooked Pasta Sauce with Zoodles and Why You Need a House Meal

What is a House Meal? You need at least one house meal!  Do you have one?  Or maybe two?  Having one or two recipes in your regular rotation that you can prepare at a moment’s notice when you are feeling less than inspired to cook, is critical for every home chef.  It’s a meal that

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Healthy Nut Butter Power Bars

Another “keeper” recipe that has come out of this pandemic situation for me!  My poor DIL, who is nursing a pretty new baby, is having to restrict her diet considerably to try to figure out what may be bothering the baby.  She was talking about how much they enjoy having granola/power bars for a quick

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