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Thanks for Joining the Healthy Sexy Kitchen Club!

Ciao my new friend!  Welcome to our kitchen club!  I am super excited to have you here and honored that you chose to join us!

Yay!  You’ve taken that “first date” step and said YES! So, let’s get acquainted!

I am a health-seeker, fun-lover, secret agent of healthy cooking!  I’ve got little secrets to success around every corner. I love to make the “chore” of cooking fun and enticing, and I take the time to read the latest research about healthy eating so you don’t have to!

You will receive no more than 2 emails a month and along with my latest healthy, delicious recipes from the blog, you’ll find:

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So, stay tuned… we’re about to get this party started!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions or feedback!

Love, health and tacos,


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